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CDS English Previous Test Paper Questions
The objective-type questions can be asked from a comprehensive paragraph, rearrange the sentences, replace the phrase, fill in the blanks, edit or find grammatical error etc.

Which of the phrases A, B, C, D, E is appropriate to go with the given sentence.
-    To reduce costs, we should replace our current system by much efficient one.
A.    Through more efficient
B.    Efficiently by
C.    With a more efficient
D.    For better efficiency
E.    No correction required

You are given Four alternative meanings to each of the following Idioms / Phrases. Choose the most appropriate.
-    For Good
A.    Seriously
B.    Temporarily
C.    Permanently
D.    For a good cause

CDS English Previous Paper Free Download

To practice till perfection Objective English by Thorpe Edgar proven helpful.

CDS General Knowledge Previous Test Paper Questions

Among the following states which one was formed last?
A.    Andhra Pradesh
B.    Gujarat
C.    Haryana
D.    Rajasthan

Who among the following was not elected for the two terms as the speaker of lok sabha?
A.    G.M.C Balayogi
B.    N. Sanjiva Reddy
C.    Bali Ram Bhagat
D.    Bal Ram Jakhar

CDS General Knowledge 2012 Model Paper Free Download

To get hold of the general awareness and current affairs, Concise General Knowledge Manual 2012 by Barry O’Brien is advised. This book has most things covered keeping in mind the SSC syllabus.

Study Package for CDS by Atul Bhardwaj is also another reliable learning resource.

CDS Maths Questions
The sum of a number and its reciprocal is 10/3, then the numbers are:
A.    3, 1/3
B.    3, -1/3
C.    -3, 1/3
D.    -3,-1/3

What number should be added to 231228 to make it exactly divisible by 33?
A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

CDS Maths Previous Paper Free Download

Scoring highest is possible with Maths section, it need your concepts to be well cleared with a speedy solving aptitude.
To know the shortcut methods highly helpful to solve faster in exam, you can refer Mathematics For C.D.S. Entrance Exam by R.S Aggarwal.