Top Civil Services Exam Reference books and Study Materials

There are array of civil services preliminary examination books that will help you in preparing well for this exam. Some of them are as follows –
a.    For general science  you can refer to class IX and X books
b.    Advanced science books that are published by Tata McGraw Hills
c.    For current news papers like The Hindu, The Economic Times, and The Times of India
d.    Magazines  and periodicals like Frontline, Business Today, Business Outlook, and Yojana
e.    Competitive Magazines like Chronicle, Competitive success review, and Pratiyogita Darpan
f.    For History and Indian National Movement like Class IX for Contemporary India, India and Contemporary World I, and India and Contemporary World II
g.    Indian History book published by V.K . Agnihotri
h.    Indian and World Geography books like Fundamentals of physical geography, and India Physical Environment
i.    Class XI books for beginners for Political science books and political theory
j.    Class XII Indian constitution
k.    For economics Indian Economy for Civil Services Examinations by M.Laxmikanth.
l.    The other books are Our Constitution , by D.D. Basu, Our Constitution, and Our Parliament both authored by Subhash C Kashyap, Indian Polity For UPSC: 3rd Edition by M.Laxmikanth.

Civil Services (preliminary) exam. Study Materials
Some of the useful civil services (preliminary) exam. 2013 study material is as follows –

Crack Civil Services Studies IAS Prelims exam, published by Disha Publication

Handbook for general Studies for UPSC Civil Services published by Spectrum Books

IAS Mains General Studies Chapterwise Solved Papers 2011-1997

UPSC Portal Current Affairs (2012 - 13) BY Sachchida Nand Jha