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Arco Master The Gre 2009 (With Cd)

This Book is very important for GRE. The exam includes some difficult math problems.This book reveals the best shortcuts to solve the problems in less time

No calculators were allowed to GRE Exam.The calculations part takes time,where the people waste valuable allocated time for the exam.I found this book a great resource for speeding up the calulations part.A must needed book to overcome the calculations part in the exam.

Acing the GRE

Another very important book for GRE Exam. The main feature of the book is the tips to keep you motivated for the entire exam preparation. Book contains very good reviews and model tests. It is one of my favourite GRE Exam book.

                                                                     Acing the GRE

The GRE Exam contains essays taken form a large lists of essay topics in ETS website. This book provides answer to all of these essays. This book is a great resource to answer all these essay topics However, my suggestion is, do not memorize the essays word by word, it will reduce your score. My tips is read the essays once or twice daily so that you will have a good idea on answering the questions, because the probability of taking essays from this book is very high.

501 Synonym & Antonym Questions - Practicing these questions helps you in getting good grip at verbal ability part.

Very good resource to practice quantitative comparison questions. These questions constitute 50% (14 out of 28) of the mathematical ability part.

GRE word problems require extensive practice. This book will help you in that part of exam.

Similar to the previous book.This book focus completely on algebra

Introduction to Analytical Writing

This book contains all the tips and tricks for analytical writing part in GRE Exam

Barrons Wordlist

The ultimate weapon for success in GRE. The full wordlist from Barron's GRE book.

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